Newent Community Centre, photo taken at front of building on a sunny day

In 2016, Newent Community Centre was purchased by Glebe Chapel, who, at the time were looking for a building to expand into to further develop their community-focused services. At the time of purchase, there were approximately 15 groups using the centre and, had the building passed into commercial/ business ownership, it would have been lost as a resource for the people of Newent and surrounding areas. 

Through a phased programme of development, Glebe Chapel is updating the facilities and increasing the number and range of users. This has required careful management of resources and giving by members and, to date, over £1.1m has been invested to develop the centre. 

The vision of the chapel is to create a number of attractive spaces that will encourage community use and provide opportunities for the chapel to work towards fulfilling its mission of ‘being church at the heart of the community’.

Currently, a range of community activities and organisations are using the centre, from puppy school training classes and a Men’s Shed to Newent Orchestra. The centre is also home to various NHS support and exercise groups, hobby and interest groups and Newent Scouts.

Newent Community Centre opened in 1804 as Newent Poor Law institution (which was essentially a workhouse). After a spell as a grammar school, it became Newent Community Centre and hosted a variety of activities. However, financial considerations made the centre difficult to run and, over the years, the building deteriorated somewhat.

The current phase (aimed at creating a large space to accommodate up to 220 people) has been supported through chapel giving and a number of grants from trusts who support community and/or faith projects. 

The centre is on a large site and in a prominent position with good access to the shops and cafes in Newent town. It is an attractive, fully accessible venue with a commercial-standard kitchen, dining area and rooms and spaces available for public use on a one-off or regular basis.

Some photos of the inside of the building are below:

Glebe Chapel Newent Community Centre June 2024 2 Glebe Chapel Newent Community Centre June 2024 3 Glebe Chapel Newent Community Centre June 2024 4 

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