Help us to shape a new training and development programme for the VCSE sector in the county around “Conversations for Change”.

We recognise that opening up conversations with individuals about health improvements they can make can be challenging. We are developing a series of training and coaching support sessions for you and your staff team to be able to have these conversations more effectively. 

To do this we are putting on a codesign session with the VCSE sector in Gloucestershire to explore the question:

“How can we understand and develop the capability of the VCSE Sector workforce, to have conversations that challenge, encourage, and empower people to make positive change?”

Event details

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  • Date: 13 December 2023
  • Time: 2 pm - 3:30 pm
  • Venue: Online

More information about this work

The 'Problem'

We know that making change in our lives to improve our health and wellbeing can be difficult. Supporting people do that is the role of everyone in the system, enabling people to find their own best solution and giving them the knowledge, tools and encouragement to make important changes in their lives.

However workers tell us that talking to someone about their unhealthy behaviours (e.g. smoking, drug or alcohol use or anti-social behaviour) can be difficult as it can feel provocative, judgemental or even hypocritical. This can mean opportunities to help someone recognise a problem, see possibilities, and make change are missed. 

The 'Opportunity' 

Coaching approaches and behavioural skills, give workers the conversational tools to feel confident in these difficult situations. It can enable them to have honest, supportive and open conversations, that engage and positively challenge people to make change. 

Upskilling around these approaches has been running in the ICS for some time, and though VCSE staff have participated, uptake has been predominantly from statutory sector staff

This ICS funded programme aims to develop something similar but bespoke for VCSE staff. This is in recognition of the sectors vital role in supporting individuals be active participants in their health and wellbeing and addressing the inequalities that exist across communities around health and wellness.

Next Steps: Programme Design

The intention is to design a programme with and for the VCSE sector, tailored to that work context. This will consider the aims and particular needs of VCSE staff and volunteers, how to create opportunities for all to participate, and what support is needed to turn this learning into practice.

This session is the start of the design process where we would like to explore some of these questions with you and gather your wider thoughts and ideas.

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