VCSE Representation

One of the key roles of the VCS Alliance is to act as a voice for the voluntary and community sector in Gloucestershire. We are independent of service delivery, and therefore can be neutral in conversations and unbiased in the way we influence.

This, however, doesn’t mean we are acting as gatekeepers. In fact, we know better than anyone the wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise in our sector that can support, influence and shape our county’s strategic direction. This is why we are implementing a programme of Accountable Representation, ensuring that the right people, with the right expertise, are sat around the right strategic tables.

What is Accountable Representation?

Accountable representation promotes the opportunity to attend virtual or ‘in person’ meetings and to give your views and those of whom you represent. Your presence at these meetings will allow for more inclusive and skilled representation of communities and enable key decisions to be made with their best interests in mind.

Why is it important?

No one organisation can adequately represent a sector the size and scale of the VCSE, it's too diverse and too skilled. We want to create the right conditions and provide the infrastructure so that the skills and experience within our sector is able to shape decisions that affect our communities.


We are working with our Public Sector colleagues to look at mapping county systems, and to establish where VCSE representation is required. We will work with Chairs of work groups, strategic boards, and bespoke programmes to identify where VCS colleagues would be useful. We will post these opportunities on our website and promote via our communication platforms.

Safer Gloucestershire

Safer Gloucestershire is a body developed to enhance public safety in Gloucestershire. It calls on the expertise and leadership of senior managers from a range of agencies across the county.

Tracy Clark is the VCSE Safer Gloucestershire representative. She is currently CEO of Young Gloucestershire and Infobuzz, two local independent charities that support children, young people and families across Gloucestershire. Tracy holds a JNC youth work, MBA and CIPFA accounting qualification. She would like local communities to be given the opportunity to reach their potential by using her knowledge and experience to achieve this.

Tracy aims to give the Voluntary and Community sector a voice when key descisions are being made.

If you work for a VCSE organisation in Gloucestershire and would like your views raised in the next meeting, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Safer Gloucestershire works closely with the Police and Crime Commissioner, local authorities and other partnerships such as the Health and Well Being Board and the Youth Justice Partnership Board and promises a different approach by:

  • Reducing demand for public services through early intervention and a preventative approach.
  • Using an evidence based decision making approach to determine priorities and problem solve
  • Being more proactive and responding quickly to new threats.
  • Proactively managing community relations and tension in partnership with the local community and networks.
  • Ensuring services are centred on people and communities – and reducing duplication.
  • Working with people and communities – building on their strengths and encourage self-help.

Where is this currently working?

We are starting this process with Integrated Locality Partnerships (ILPs).  These are strategic groups that shape health and care policy in each district. We believe it’s essential that each ILP has a VCSE member on their board, working with system partners to support the eradication of health inequalities.

Currently, there is VCSE representation in the following ILPs:

  • Cheltenham – Matt Lennard VCS Alliance
  • Forest of Dean – Chris Brown FVAF
  • Tewkesbury – Matt Lennard VCS Alliance
  • Glos City – Justine Rawlings Community Builder Collective
  • Stroud – 
  • Cotswolds DC – 

To get in touch with any of these leads or for more information about how to get involved, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Did you know?

Fewer than 1 in 10 employees in the voluntary sector are from a Global Majority Community (BAME) background.  A third of the largest charities have all-white senior leadership teams and boards. In order to promote better outcomes for communities this level of underrepresentation will need to shift.

The #charitysowhite movement has given a voice to Global Majority Community (BAME) working in the charity sector and empowered them to highlight their experiences of discrimination.