Partnership Working

Now more than ever, opportunities are being created for organisations to work together. With the pandemic forcing many people online, it is now regular practice to have a hybrid of face to face or virtual meetings. 2020 saw an explosion of cloud-based video conferencing services, with the main goal of connecting people together.

For the VCSE sector, working in partnership has many benefits including:

  • The opportunity for sharing expertise, skills and staff.
  • Access to a wider range of resources.
  • The distribution of funds that might not have been accessible before. 
  • A larger community presence and influence.
  • Better engagement with service users.
  • Opportunities to view and understand issues from different perspectives.
  • Cost-effective.

The key principles of partnership working are clarity, openness, trust, shared goals and values, and regular communication between partners.

However, there are some potential pitfalls and careful consideration into the right processes, structures and vehicles of partnership is needed. The most important aspects being a shared goal and honesty towards a true vision for the partnership/project.

As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Here at the Gloucestershire VCS Alliance, we look to link effectively with other organisations. Ultimately, we are BETTER TOGETHER

How we facilitate Partnership Working at the Gloucestershire VCS Alliance

We are always keen to facilitate online and face to face opportunities where people can come together and share best practice, knowledge and resources. These group sessions are a safe space to voice concerns and address any issues or needs. We are committed to finding solutions to issues that arise and will always strive to make a real change.

Our forums are central to connecting people and organisations together. We have regular zoom sessions, more details can be found on our 'Forums' page.

Our Safeguarding Adults Board Roadshow takes place every year, and brings together a wealth of expertise and resources from across the sector. VCSE organisations are invited to give an outline of the work and projects they carry out. Our last roadshow saw nearly 500 people attending virtually.  The feedback proved it was a valuable resource in connecting people together.

Here are just a few of the comments;

"Fabulous week, presentations have been amazing EVERY day, thank you”

“Thank you for all your hard work. It will be good to see the outcomes!”

“Great discussions across the week, it's nice to know we are not alone.”

“Thanks guys. Brilliant Forum. Good to 'meet' you all. Thanks Matt and the team.”

 “Thanks - thought provoking information and some good contacts made too!.”

As an organisation we are always keen to be at the forefront of change.  We are continually on the lookout for new ways to connect people with links to partnerships. This has included supporting charities to apply for collaborative funding, securing fully funded training exclusively for VCSE staff and promoting partnership projects in our weekly newsletter.  We are also in the process our purchasing Slack Connect, which is an online discussion board that lets two companies move quickly as one, hatching a partnership effortlessly.